Want to know how I created a life that completely aligned with my longing for more of what I felt in my heart rather than my head?


It wasn’t the strategy, the planning or the self-belief it was the discipline to cultivate a consistent happiness practice.

A practice that created the space for

  »  more joy

  »  more deep thinking

  »  more creativity

  »  more flow

  »  more connection

  »  and more me!


Take pause for a moment and ask yourself what am I doing right now to invest in myself and my happiness?

The Practice Of Happiness has become the single most important part of my day because I’ve consistently experienced the positive energy and the joy it transcends across every aspect of my work and life.


If productivity has become your disease and it stands between you and the things you long for then now is the time to invest in your Happiness Practice.


It’s likely you’ve done the work to understand the what and the why when it comes to your happiness, but the how feels elusive. Perhaps COVID life has forced a reset of your foundations and now it’s time to gain alignment and redefine your Happiness Practice.

This program is me giving you a


to put yourself first and create the space and structure for the practice of happiness.


Your future joy depends on it!



Who This Is For


This program is made for the budding happiness hacker ready to invest in their practice and realise the benefits of no regrets in the long term.

You’re seeking the tools that will enable you to find more balance in your days, more kindness in the way you talk to yourself and the mojo to stick to prioritising you and what brings you joy.


What We Will Do Together


I’m opening the doors and inviting you in behind the scenes of my Happiness Practice.  I’m going to show you how to:

  • Create the space daily for the practice of happiness

  • Cultivate a Happiness Practice that feels in alignment with the life you want

  • Unlock your inner creative in a way that nourishes your soul

  • Let go of the guilt of feeling like you should be doing something else for someone else when you make time for you

  • Open the door to opportunities you never imagined through consistent and accountable practice

The practices you will embed as part of this program will enable you to feel more intentional, more joyful and more in a state of flow in your every day. These feelings can’t help but magnetise possibility into your life.

What You Receive For Your Investment In You


When you invest in The Practice Of Happiness you will receive:

  »  5 modules delivered live and centred around learning The Practice Of Happiness

  »  5 Experimenter sheets delivered after each lesson to enable you to turn insight into action

  »  1 x Live Q&A session

  »  A bonus audio training on how to use journaling to amplify your Happiness Practice.



The Program Deep Dive

If you like the details here’s where we will focus our energy during our time together:


Module 1: The Opportunity Lies In Avoidance

It’s what you're hiding from yourself that's holding you back. Come with me as I share the Happiness Practice that exposes guilt, avoidance and the negative narratives that stand between you and the version of you you’re longing for. Pave the way to let go of what's not serving you and create the space for possibility.


Module 2: Defining Happiness On Your Terms

Create the space to define happiness on your terms, what does it look, feel and smell like? Together we will set the foundations for your unique Happiness Practice to thrive.


Module 3: Harness The Power Of Practice

Come behind the scenes of my daily Happiness Practice and learn why happiness is not an end goal, it is about showing up, trying, and being accountable.  Explore the what and why of your Happiness Practice and the realm of possibility.


Module 4: The Courage To Experiment

Learn how to use fear as a lever to look at your Happiness Practice through a different lens and explore the realm of possibility.


Module 5: Sustaining And Evolving Your Happiness Practice

Learn how I use the practice of reflection to keep myself accountable and evolve my Happiness Practice because let's face it, life changes and so do we.


Plus a live Q&A session where I discuss the power of happiness practice with my favourite and the universally renowned behavioural scientist Milo Arne Wilkinson. Time To be announced.


A bonus audio training on how to use journaling to amplify your Happiness Practice.

The Program Calendar

Program Investment


(program only)


Select this option and receive...

  • 5 modules delivered live about The Practice Of Happiness

  • 5 Experimenter sheets delivered after each lesson to enable you to turn insight into action

  • 1 x Live Q&A session

  • A bonus audio training on how to use journaling to visualise your happiness practice to life

Four payments of $69.25USD

The EXPLORER option

(program + transformation tribe)


Select this option and receive...

  • Everything in the Experimenter option plus...

  • Daily Happiness text if accountability is your challenge opt in to receive a friendly SMS daily asking you to reply with one thing you did today to practice happiness

  • Access to the private Practice Of Happiness Facebook Group for connection to the tribe, to celebrate your success and unlock transformation. I'll be in here regularly dropping in bonus happiness practice prompts

  • Access to bonus guests that I interview on their happiness practice and how they evolve it

  • A copy of the book Hacking Happiness


    The EVOLUTIONARY option

    (program + transformation tribe + coaching)


    Select this option and receive...

    • The red carpet private coaching experience!

    • Get everything in the Experimenter and the Explorer options

    • Direct Voxer access to myself for the duration of the program

    • One-on-one 50-minute coaching session with me

    Only 5 available

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