Imagine if there was a way to create the confidence to kick start
the life you long for without fear holding you back?

Introducing Start Simple, Be Happy


The place to start when you don’t know where to start!







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Here’s what the tribe are saying about Start Simple, Be Happy


I’m in love with the idea of being an imperfect experimenter






I so appreciate the reinforcement that action breeds clarity and not the other way around




I didn’t appreciate or perhaps I simply forgot that happiness doesn’t come uninvited - it is a practice, and like everything if not exercised and repeated it doesn’t grow. Thank you Penny


Do you find yourself longing for the space to bring more of what matters

into your life, but paralysed between the desire for different,

and the fear of not having the perfect plan?


You’re at the start line ready to lean into more of what makes you happy but it feels so overwhelming and what if you make a wrong move?


This is how I felt.

          I’m Penny -

Imperfect experimenter, yoga lover, recovering perfectionist, mumma bear, and believer in possible.


I’m also a Happiness Hacker on a mission to teach 10 million humans how to intentionally adapt by 2025 in order to future proof happiness.


I’ve now worked with thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs around the world helping them to hack their way to happier every day on their own terms.


My deep-seated passion for thriving rather than surviving has enabled me to develop the world’s first intentional adaptability (IAQ®) framework. Providing a clear focus on simple practices, that if consistently applied, deliver life-changing impact and amplified happiness.







It’s thanks to the IAQ® framework and its simple practices that I have been able to create the freedom to design a life that is completely in alignment to the things that amplify my happiness and my energy.








And it feels amazing!




I remember back in 2014 constantly questioning whether I had lost the plot, letting go of what felt like a safe and comfortable path (my old life as a corporate executive with all the trimmings) to lean into the unknown.


Who was I to think that I could reinvent myself at the age of 39 and create a career helping thousands to hack their happiness?  Better yet, where would I even begin?


I decided to seek out and research those who had gone before me on a similar path using social media and internet searches. My goal was to find the perfect plan to fast track my progress.

I spent six months interviewing over a hundred beings (from diverse age groups and backgrounds) who were challenging the status quo and living their lives in alignment with what gave them meaning.


I quickly came to the realisation that there was good reason as to why this perfect plan I sought was so elusive.


My research uncovered that those who lived fulfilled and happy lives were what I now term Imperfect Experimenters. They had learnt to embrace the unknown and prioritised experimentation over perfection.


This was a light bulb moment that drove me to invest all of my time, my energy and my caffeine hits into learning everything I could about hacking happiness and using experimentation as a means to get started.


I then channelled all of that insight front and centre into how I serviced my clients.

Since that moment I’ve now helped 1000s around the world kick start their hacking happiness practice and in doing so I’ve:

  • Discovered the barriers that hold us back from leaning into what we long for and how to overcome them.

  • Built a globally sought-out intentional adaptability framework and assessment tool that is helping 1000s hack their way to happier every day

  • And packaged all of this goodness up to help you get off the start line, embrace the role of imperfect experimenter and lean into the life you not only long for but deserve… without having to spend the years I did to work it all out!


Start Simple, Be Happy


Your step-by-step, make a start when you don’t know where to start,

experimenter toolkit to hack your way to happier every day.






$27 USD

Take a look at what’s waiting for you inside…​

The Start Simple, Be Happy Video Training
valued at $83 USD

This session is designed to build your confidence in getting off the start line and into the role of imperfect experimenter when it comes to realising more of what you want from life. Together we will explore how action breeds clarity, why practice is powerful and how to lean into uncertainty to unlock possibility. Walk away with a simple plan to kick start your hacking happiness practice.

The Imperfect Plan
valued at $23 USD

Getting started can feel overwhelming right? It’s not like there’s a perfect plan when it comes to hacking happiness or perhaps there is... we just need to look at it through a different lens. The Imperfect Plan is a simple step-by-step tool that enables you to let go of perfect and lean into experimental in order to get started. Walk away with a simple set of actions you can take now to move you closer to where you want to be.


It matters to me that you have all that you need to build your confidence and embrace that it doesn’t matter

where you start, it matters that you start. 


So to that end you also get access to five incredible Happiness Hack micro Class bonuses valued at $165 USD.

Here’s a peak at what’s inside

Creating A Home Sanctuary
+ A FREE Home Sanctuary Checklist
to get started! valued at $33 USD

Your environment has a direct impact on how you feel, which is why creating your very own happy space is critical to making the change you seek. This video lesson will teach you how to create the physical space that energises, motivates, and enables you to focus on more of what matters.


Gift Yourself The Start Of The Day
+ A FREE Gift Yourself The Start Of The Day Checklist
to turn insight into action! valued at $33 USD

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Most of us unconsciously activate a reactionary mode, checking email, sorting the kids, looking at social media. This video lesson will teach you how to take a proactive approach to the start of  your day enabling you to take back control of where your day goes and inject more of what matters to you into it!


The Busy = Bullshit Challenge
+ A FREE Busy = Bullshit Challenge Checklist
to keep you accountable and reflect on the impact!
valued at $33 USD

How often do you use the word busy? Have you ever considered how the use of this word is impacting your mindset, your behaviour, your relationships, and ultimately your happiness? This video lesson will explore why busy = bullshit and how removing the word from your vocabulary can create the space for more of what lights you up.

The Practice Of Progress 

valued at $33 USD 
+ A FREE The Practice Of Progress Checklist
to help you move forward!

How often do you get to the end of the day and feel crap because you’re looking at an incomplete To Do List? In this video lesson we will learn why progress matters more than perfection and how to create a visual practice to track your progress and feel good about yourself at the end of each day.


The Confidence To Be Courageous
valued at $33 USD 
+ A FREE 7 Days Of Courage Experimenter Sheet
to dial up your courage muscle!

Did you know fear is the number one barrier to making the change we long for? In this video lesson you will explore why fear is one of the greatest levers you have to shape the change you seek. Learn how to build your courage muscle through micro bravery, amplifying your self-belief, your resilience, and unlocking possibility.


Once you invest in Start Simple, Be Happy it’s yours for the life of the program. This means you can learn at a pace that is right for you and refer back to any of the resources as you need to.


When you invest in Start Simple, Be Happy here’s all the goodness you gain access to:

  • The Start Simple, Be Happy Video Training

  • The Imperfect Plan Template

  • Creating A Home Sanctuary Micro Class and Checklist

  • Gift Yourself The Start Of The Day Micro Class and Experimenter Sheet


  • The Busy = Bullshit Challenge Micro Class and Experimenter Sheet


  • The Practice Of Progress Micro Class and Checklist

  • The Confidence To Be Courageous Micro Class and 7 Days Of Courage Experimenter Sheet


$27 USD


"Why are you giving me all this for just $27 USD?"

My mission is to teach 10 million humans how to intentionally adapt in order to future proof happiness. The only way I can achieve that is by ensuring that my happiness hacking expertise and tools are accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford to work with me one-on-one.


So, if you have been longing to make change for a while now (my guess is if it’s big it’s probably been 2 to 3 years that it’s been on your mind) then Start Simple, Be Happy has been created just for you.


I so believe in the power of what’s inside, that if you invest the time to learn and apply and you are not completely happy I will refund your money. Simply email me at with evidence of the work you’ve done.

Are you ready to create the confidence to kick start the life you long for without fear holding you back?


$27 USD




Are you questioning whether now is the right time, or asking
am I truly ready to lean in?


Here’s what I’ve learnt about ready:

It’s rare that we ever feel fully ready to lean into change (especially the big, hard, life-changing change).


Ready is often an elusive future state that we believe we will magically arrive at when we’ve…


>> Become clear on the perfect plan (which doesn’t exist!) so that we can avoid failure.

>> Built the confidence to believe we can, and not care what others think.

>> Built the financial independence to ensure a backup plan for when it doesn’t work out.


The challenge is, the longer you wait the longer it will take. It’s the action that breeds the clarity and allows you to build the skills that you feel you need to be ready. Which is exactly what Start Simple, Be Happy is designed to do. Get you off the start line and into action that progresses you closer to where you long to be.

Now is your time! It's time to create the confidence to kick start the life you long for without fear holding you back?


$27 USD



I know I long to make change and that I could be happier but I’m not sure what that looks like. Is this still the right program for me?

How much time will I need to commit to my learning experience?

How do I get access to all the goodies in Start Simple, Be Happy?

Do you guarantee that this course will make me happier?

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