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Hacking Happiness

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Learn how to navigate uncertainty with intention and inject more of what feels good into each day

The tribe has spoken and they have a lot to say about

Hacking Happiness.

Penny tackles the holy grail of happiness and provides
practical ways to build
the most important
capability for the
21st century: adaptability.


— Pip Dexter

Lead Partner
Deloitte Human Capital​


The world is waking up: we have to change and do things differently.


Penny’s fearless approach

to life, combined with

the stories and insights

of others she shares, is

exactly what we need now.


The time to reinvent yourself

is here.


— Dorie Clark

Bestselling author of 

Reinventing You


Harvard Business Review Contributor


Hacking Happiness is a great read – it is both challenging
and stimulating, but is written
in such a way that you can
easily adapt the insights
to your day-to-day life. 

If the end game is leading a fulfilling life,
then this book is for you.


— Anthony

Executive General Manager

Cricket Australia

Hacking Happiness pulls no punches to deliver hard-hitting insights for living a more fulfilling life.

— Nir Eyal

Bestselling author of

Hooked and Indistractable

Penny Locaso calls bullsh*t on the many ways we sacrifice our happiness at the altar of conventional success. 


As an executive, entrepreneur and businesswoman, I was appalled at just how many of these I had succumbed to in my quest for 'success'. 


From the busy-ness BS to an obsession with 'doing' one of the most liberating moments of this book is learning that inefficiency is an absolute must for creativity and innovation.


Hacking Happiness is the modern guide to re-defining success and living a life we love.

— Alex Tullio

Executive Director, Financial Executive Women

Just when we need some optimism - Penny's book comes along with simple but highly effective tools for feeling good, building community and developing resilience.


This book was always

necessary - but it feels

even more valuable in 2020

and going into 2021​.

— Brigid Delaney

Author of Wellmania &

Senior Writer for The Guardian

'Hacking Happiness' challenges us to think about success and happiness differently….

From the opening which frames the classic hedonic treadmill through to a series of exercises that encourage us to see the journey of skills and uncertainty as being more important than the pursuit of any one goal, Locaso wants us to enjoy life and reframe success in a way that makes our work much more enjoyable and sustainable.


Readers are likely to not only be happier, but by seeing adaptability as a crucial skill in happiness, they are going to be better at the work they choose to do. Success can truly equal happiness with a little intentional adaptability! 

— Rob Hillard

Chief Transformation Officer Deloitte Asia Pacific

"The irony, when it comes to change, is it's often not the act of change we are afraid of; it's the fear of what we have to lose or give up as part of the process."

I love this quote from the author, which sums up where many of us are at right now.


Penny's book challenges us that growth happens when we address what we are avoiding and embrace what makes us uncomfortable.


There are so many tools and strategies in this book to help do exactly that. Warm, insightful and something I'll keep coming back to time and time again. ​

— Kelly Irving

Editorial Gymnist


Do find yourself exhausted by life and longing for change?

          I’m Penny -

Imperfect experimenter, yoga lover, recovering perfectionist, and believer in possible.


I’m also a happiness hacker, international speaker, yoga teacher, author and recovering perfectionist on a quest to teach 10 million humans by 2025 how to build mental wealth.


I’ve now worked with thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs and students around the world helping them to hack their way to a happier every day on their own terms.


My deep-seated passion for thriving rather than surviving has enabled me to develop the world’s first intentional adaptability (IAQ®) toolkit. Providing a set of simple practices, that if consistently applied, delivers life-changing impact and amplified happiness.







The IAQ toolkit has enabled myself and thousands of others around the world to create the freedom to design a life that is completely in alignment with the things that amplify happiness, energy and overall wellbeing.







And damn it feels good!


But here’s the thing when I started my hacking happiness journey I was operating blind.




I didn’t know what I needed to know and I didn’t have a clear means to work it out.


This made my task feel overwhelming and it made me constantly question what I was doing and whether I had what it takes.


Sound familiar?

My frustration only drove greater purpose in my desire to help others.


I swore to myself that when I’d worked out this hacking happiness thing I was going to make it as easy as I could for anyone who wanted to do the same.


Fast forward six years and I was gifted my first book deal (thanks to Wiley Publishing!) and wrote Hacking Happiness.


This was my way of gifting you a simple handbook to help you short cut the uncertainty and guide you closer to where you want to be.


Hacking Happiness is not your usual book, you won’t read it cover to cover in three days. 


It’s designed as a navigation tool, you read a little, take pause, reflect, write in the margins, tag it with sticky notes, and most importantly make progress around injecting more joy into each day.


It’s literally a compass to help you overcome the overwhelm, build your self belief and lean into what you long for through what I term imperfect experimentation.


Each chapter is jam packed with case studies to inspire you, science and questioning to challenge you, and experiments to help you hack your way to happier every day.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy here and get let's get started​


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Want to know a little more about me and my Hacking Happiness journey before you take the plunge?


It's time to create a systemic shift in how we approach and enable sustainable wellbeing.


Enter Penny Locaso the world’s first Happiness Hacker on a quest to teach 10 million humans, by 2025 how to build mental wealth.


Voted one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia, Penny is her own ongoing experiment. A little while back she turned her life upside down in pursuit of happiness. She left a sixteen-year career as an executive, relocated her family from Perth back to Melbourne, left an 18-year relationship and started her own purpose driven company 


With over 20 years’ experience in enabling adaptability Penny's calling is to empower people to navigate uncertainty from a place of meaning, intention and balance rather than from a place of fear.


Penny works with Governments, corporations and educators to build a more intentionally adaptable society. She has partnered with the likes of Google, Microsoft,, SalesForce, Deloitte and LuluLemon, to name a few.


Penny created The Intentional Adaptability Quotient®. A world-first measurement tool and education program that decodes and enables the skills required to not only navigate but thrive in complex and uncertain change.


Alongside Penny's entrepreneurial endeavours, she is the published author of Hacking Happiness, a Harvard Business Review contributor, a passionate yoga teacher and a faculty member at the esteemed Singularity University.


Imagine what could be possible for you, your team or your community if you had a Penny in your pocket!

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