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Hacking Happy Assessment Is Here!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt from working with thousands in the realm of Hacking Happiness and my own personal experimentation to create the Hacking Happy Assessment.

My aim is to help you create the space to hold up the mirror to where your greatest opportunities lie in amplifying your ability to thrive.

Your assessment should take about 15 minutes to complete. Once done you will receive your FREE Insights & Opportunities Report designed to help you undertake small experiments that amplify your happiness.


I’m Penny Locaso

An imperfect experimenter on a mission to teach 10 million humans how to intentionally adapt by 2025 in order to future proof happiness.


I have a deep-seated passion for learning how I can hack my own happiness and support others in doing the same.



Our aim is to scientifically validate our Hacking Happy methodology through research

to ensure that we can deliver our mission. To that end your data may be used for research purposes. All data will be de-identified and will in no way be attributed

to you. By completing this assessment, you consent to have your responses included

as part of our research efforts to validate this tool.